Our Mission

MPL Consulting, Inc. is a consultancy dedicated to businesses with revenues from $5 million to $25 million. Clients in this market are typically privately held, frequently family owned, and often entrepreneurially managed. Such enterprises comprise a large percentage of all US Corporations.

While this segment is typically managed by well-educated leaders with excellent records of success, it consists of thin organizations functioning in competitively rich markets. They are often capitally challenged and face a constantly changing business environment.

Such lean organizations come at a price; felt most notably in their lack of alternative perspectives—those alternative points of view that come from organizations with greater numbers of management personnel. This frequently places the small and middle market companies in need of assistance in furthering their management agenda.

MPL helps you find the right balance between function, utility, connectivity and cost.

What We Do

MPL works to ensure that the time and effort spent will benefit you and your company, ensuring a system is balanced and comprehendible though not too simple to meet your enterprise’s growing needs.

  • We assist in your review of need, and the system to meet those needs—prior to beginning your search for solutions.
  • We assist in the identification, review and selection of hardware and software—insuring that the negotiated purchase is cost effective, has a good probability of implementation success, and a commitment for sufficient post implementation support.
  • We support you throughout the implementation period, involving your personnel in the integration of new system attributes and your current business system practices. We believe this is critical to your enterprise’s ability to assimilate the data management practices you initially desired in undertaking the project.
  • We follow up with post installation audits designed to insure that software and hardware comply with their specifications and are being utilized to the extent desired.
How can we help you?

Contact us by phone or submit a business inquiry online.

Terry has a great ability to work in tough and time-crunching situations. He also understands the value of relationships and is an excellent networker and go-getter. I’m sure Terry can execute in challenging environments with a very high level of integrity and very effectively.

Jose Kreidler
Managing Director, CRESO Capital Partners

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