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MPL offers advisory services focused on Systems, Organizations and Leadership. We believe that all elements of a business fall into these three areas. Our advisory work offers alternative perspectives in these areas designed to enhance your firm’s ability to achieve all aspects of its mission.

Our advisory services are a collaborative process involving you, your partners and your employees –as a result, our highly adaptive strategies that are collectively understood.

MPL considers its Advisory Services successful if, in the end, you develop a vision for safe passage that guides your enterprise to your definition of success.

As advisors, we understand:

  • The need for urgency when things are not going as planned—and the need to proceed with caution when they are working well.
  • That one of the most difficult things to do is ask the opinion of outsiders. You know your business best —our primary advisory tool is listening.
  • That you are not paying for just our opinion, but our partnership in using our knowledge and experience in developing solutions for your issues and needs.

Tell us your challenge, we’ll provide you a solution.

Acquisition, Merger and Exit

Thinking about potential acquirers will help you to identify partners for your business.

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Company Growth and Development

We consider all the drivers of change – from the ground up and we’ll motivate and support you to make the change.

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Crisis Management – Turnaround and Bankruptcy Options

We help you review the benefits and liabilities of both options. Insolvency is a difficult issue to deal with for any enterprise—but we understand that you have options.

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Interim Management – President, COO and CFO

The voluntary departure of critical members of your executive team, involuntary separations, or simply the requirements created by growth, can be temporarily met by our senior operations and financial management personnel.

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Multi-lingual Business Communication

We coach corporations and individuals to improve their linguistics. Communication skills are crucial to succeed: explore them!

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Terry has a great ability to work in tough and time-crunching situations. He also understands the value of relationships and is an excellent networker and go-getter. I’m sure Terry can execute in challenging environments with a very high level of integrity and very effectively.

Jose Kreidler
Managing Director, CRESO Capital Partners

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