Acquisition, Merger and Exit

Business owners quite often have two objective: grow or sale.  Whether you plan to grow or exit your business, the details, planning and management of the process create significant returns and successful results.

MPL’s philosophy on company growth or sale is that both paths hold many of the same requirements: sound business practices executing unseen opportunities at the right time.  MPL holds a unique, holistic aptitude to see the value and capabilities of companies and operations – creating growth and exit options typically not available to smaller companies.

Thinking about potential acquirers will help you to identify partners for your business.

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Terry has a great ability to work in tough and time-crunching situations. He also understands the value of relationships and is an excellent networker and go-getter. I’m sure Terry can execute in challenging environments with a very high level of integrity and very effectively.

Jose Kreidler
Managing Director, CRESO Capital Partners

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